NGDO (non-governmental development organization)

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation is an NGDO (non-governmental development organization) committed to the process of transforming the poorest and most needy areas of Andhra Pradesh in southeast India.

A pioneer of integrated development in that country, it is a humanist organization founded on the philosophy of action. Its team works, both from Spain and from India, to improve the living conditions of some of the most discriminated communities within the Hindu caste system: the Dalits or untouchables, the tribal groups and the backward castes.

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation was created in India in 1969 with the aim of finding solutions to the multiple problems of the rural community of Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh state. Since then it has been working as an organisation with a deep social implantation, respectful of the environment and a promoter of the process of development which the area is experiencing.

A team of more than 2,200 people (of which 99% are natives of Anantapur) is responsible for implementing the development program that the organization carries out - the most innovative in the history of India - covering 2,604 villages and benefiting more than 2 and a half million people.

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Spain

In 1996 the Vicente Ferrer Foundation opens its first office in Spain to ensure a steady income and give continuity to its projects in India. Furthermore, from Spain the organization dedicates itself to raise awareness and educate the public about the need for further progress in the development of Anantapur and poorer areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, in Spain the NGO has its head office in the city of Barcelona plus six regional offices scattered throughout the country; along with a large network of volunteers and authorized representatives who assume a vital support role.

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation is registered in the General Register of the General Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, with the number 08/0315 and has been classified as a charitable aid foundation under Ministerial Order of 18 March 1997.Tax Identification Code: G09326745.

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